Humor: Moms Don’t Get Sick

Yes, it is true.  Even if you feel crappy, as a mother, you just don’t get sick.  You still have to do all the things you normally do, just more slowly.  Your patience is tried on a different scale due to your screaming headache or your body aches.  Moms need to get creative when they don’t feel their best — those fort building classes you took years ago come in handy.  Moms know that if they want a little rest, digging through the DVD collection to find the right movie to capture all the kids’ attention for 30 minutes straight is a talent.  Convenience foods are a God send and the pizza delivery person is on speed dial because meals still need to be fixed, dishes still need to be washed and dried, and dirty diapers cannot wait for you to feel better.

Some women are not aware of this when they have children, but it is one of those clauses written in ultra-fine print on that contract you signed before taking your little one home from the hospital.  What?  You don’t remember signing that?  Well, trust me…you did.

The best type of mom can take care of sick children when she is feeling under par — with a smile!  As they say, there is no rest for the wicked (or the moms).

What about the dads?  Oh, silly — don’t you know when a dad gets sick the world stops spinning?  It is true…everything is thrown off its axis and a dad suddenly becomes an extra child needing lots of TLC, rest, and quiet time.

Don’t worry…in a few days, all will be right again!

(In my husband’s defense, he has let me sleep most of the day today — thank you, D)



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