Crafty Mom Fleece Scarves

crafty mom how to fleece scarves

This year I made my kids’ Halloween costumes ala The Wizard of Oz.  My oldest was Dorothy, my middle child was Toto and their little brother was a lolipop munchkin.  I had a bunch of leftover fleece because I thought I was going to make a full dog costume for Miss 4-year-old, but ended up just making her a hat and vest.

When my sister and her family came to visit this week from Austria, they had no idea we were going to hit record low temperatures and my nephew Henry’s skin is pretty sensitive.  She wanted to find a scarf that was all cotton, but I had a simple solution.  I would use that darn fleece and make a quick scarf.

It was so easy to make this scarf that I made a few more and figured I’d share it with you, too.

You may have seen the knotted fleece blanket idea before — that’s where I got this inspiration.  Why not cut a strip of my leftover fabric and just knot the ends.  Hello!  Super easy and actually pretty warm.  I will be wearing mine back to work on Monday.

I don’t have exact measurements for you, but the best way to make sure you have a scarf that is long enough for you is to lay out your fabric and lay one of your regular scarves on top.  Add a couple more inches to each end of your scarf and get cutting.

After you cut a long strip, as evenly as possible (you don’t have to be a perfectionist here), fray the ends in 3/4 inch strips, about 5 inches deep.  This is where you can get your kids involved and have some fun. Tie those in knots as close to the the body of the scarf as possible, give it a pull in both directions and it is d-o-n-e.

Here is a picture of Mr. 2-year-old modeling his new scarf.  It is a little short because my green fabric was almost gone, but he loves it and you get the idea!  Have fun!

children's scarves how to


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