Magic Show Birthday Party

This post is perfect for The Novice Gardener’s Fiesta Friday #11 — what could be more of a fiesta than a super cute kid’s birthday party?

My husband and I are carrying on a tradition that I was raised with.  We don’t have large birthday parties for our children every year with their friends.  Our plan is to throw a “friend” party for our kids every five years.  So, we will have a 1st birthday party, a 5th birthday party, a 10th birthday party and either a 15th/16th party for each of our kids.  This is the way my parents did parties for their six children and as a parent today, I completely understand why.

First of all, birthday parties are expensive to host.  But more than that, I think that there can be pressure placed on parents to always have a bigger and better party each year.  I don’t want to feel that pressure and I don’t want my children to also feel entitled to large parties, so on those off years we just have a nice dinner at home and some cake and candles with our family.

This year my middle child turned five, so I allowed her to choose what type of birthday party she wanted to have.  She has such an interesting personality because while her favorite color is pink and she loves princesses, she also likes dirt and bikes and bugs.  As always, she never fails to surprise me and asked for a magician for her party.  I was sure she was going to choose something to do with the movie Frozen since she knows every line of the film, word for word, but a magic show it was!

This party was so much fun, not just for the kids.  The magician was personable and organized.  He performed tricks for and with several of the kids AND he performed tricks for the adults, getting many of them involved in the fun.

Everyone had a great time, and to make it extra special I made several hand-made goodies with a magic theme.  There were white chocolate dipped pretzels set out to resemble magic wands, sugar cookies iced as playing cards, and marshmallow pops that looked like magicians’ hats.  I also had healthier snacks out and attempted to make optical illusion jello jigglers from this recipe at These Four No More.  While my layers did not stay together for some reason, the kids still really enjoyed this snack.  Word to the wise, I don’t think the layers need to set for two hours each.

I chose magic themed colors for the table cloths and balloons, but threw in a bit of hot pink too since that is Miss 5-year-old’s favorite color.  I picked up adorable origami stars from the Etsy shop, Origami Delights that I used as table confetti in all the same colors (red, black, white and hot pink).  Some of them said the birthday girl’s name on them and others read ‘happy birthday’ — they were perfect!  All the kids got balloon animals or swords after the show and had so much fun running around, chasing each other.  At the end of the party, each guest was sent home with a cute little brown paper bag stuffed with magic tricks to have fun with at home.  I used metallic stars with silver marker to write them a special thank you message.

Here are some pictures of the big event:


Magic Show Birthday

The birthday girl enjoying the show — all the kids and adults had a blast!

Magic Show Party

Sweet little marshmallow magician hat pops. These are much easier to make upside down with the stick pointing upwards, by the way.

Magic Show Birthday Party

A shot of the table before everything disappeared like magic!


Magic Show Party

Origami star confetti


Magic Show Birthday Party

Playing card sugar cookies decorated with the number 5.


Magic Show Party

Simple cupcakes with bunny ear picks to add to the magic theme. Don’t worry, there were plenty more for the crowd!


Magic Show Party

Balloon swords and animals were made for the kids after the show. Something about boys and swords — they get serious. The boys are initiating my youngest here.

Magic Show Birthday Party

Birthday party high — the party girl is happily exhausted.


Magic Show Birthday Party

Goody bags stuffed with magic tricks for all the guests to thank them for such a magical party!











14 thoughts on “Magic Show Birthday Party

  1. I LOVE your #5 card cookies– I make number cookies for my kids’ birthdays- what a labor of love! I know it must have been the same with your cookies 🙂 Worth it!! Awesome! Adorable party 🙂

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  3. What a fabulous birthday party for your daughter – the one picture especially shows her delight! Great idea to have a celebration with friends every 5 years, then it can become special and not “expected”. Great looking treats 🙂

    • Thanks! Being raised in a large family, I learned some of these important lessons. I fondly remember the birthdays I had with friends and the celebrations with just my family. I’m glad I can pass on being humble and grateful to my kids!

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