Creamy Tomato Soup

creamy tomato soup recipe

This is one of the first soups I remember learning to make.  It isn’t complicated, tastes amazing and is full of good nutrition.  I use tomatoes from my garden, which have been peeled, seeded, crushed and frozen.  If you don’t have a garden, you can just use cans of whole peeled tomatoes and crush or cut them up.  I also use homemade chicken stock, but any kind of low sodium stock without msg from the store would work, too.

Usually, I will make a huge pot of this soup and freeze half of it for a quick weeknight-dinner later on.  Nothing pairs better with this tomato soup than a grilled cheese sandwich, and once you make homemade tomato soup you will wonder why you ever opened a can in your life.

What you need to make this soup:

Approximately 6-7 Cups of peeled & seeded tomatoes, or two 28 oz cans of whole peeled tomatoes

2 Tbs olive oil

2 medium to large carrots, cut into thirds

1 medium to large onion, peeled and quartered

2-3 cloves garlic

2 ribs of celery with leaves, cut into thirds

4 Cups of chicken stock (no sodium/no msg — homemade preferred)

1/2 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1/2 – 1 tsp dried basil

fresh ground black pepper

1/4 Cup half and half


Bring a large, heavy bottomed stock pot or dutch oven up to medium high heat and add your olive oil, onions, garlic, celery, carrots and tomatoes and simmer, covered for 30 minutes until the vegetables soften.  Stir occasionally to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

creamy tomato soup recipe

Once the carrots, celery and onions are softened blend your vegetables until they are smooth.  I use a stick blender to do this easily, but before I had one of these amazing tools, I used a food processor and transferred the puree back into the same soup pot.  Be careful of over-filling your processor or blender with hot liquids.  It is best to do this in batches.
Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe

After you’ve blended your veg, add the stock, sugar, salt, basil and black pepper and bring to a boil.

Add half and half just before serving.

As I said, this soup is great with grilled cheese sandwiches, but also tastes good with some fresh parmesan and croutons on top.

creamy tomato soup recipe







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