Adventures in Gluten Free Land — 5 months!!!

I guess when I vowed to give up gluten on June 6th, I never really envisioned it being forever. I had a feeling I needed to stop eating the stuff, but the baker and chef in me didn’t really want to. Now that it has almost been five months, I am starting to adjust mentally to never having pizza or bread or being able to trust what others serve me again. It is hard, though.

For example — every Halloween, our copy room ladies at the high school put out a spread of goodies to be envied by any entertainer. There are all sorts of dips, chips, cookies, cakes, sandwiches and sweets and all of the faculty of the high school is welcomed to come on in and eat at any time. In years past, I have induldged with reckless abandon, but this year, I went down to check things out and left with a small cup of caramel covered corn puffs (and even those were a risk).

Another example — I have packed breakfasts, lunches, and snacks every. single. day. That was not common for me at all. I would usually eat breakfast at our school cafeteria and would eat a lunch there once or twice a week, too. If I didn’t eat int eh cafeteria, I would order some delivery during my lunch hour. Now, I haven’t even had the impulse to do those things. There was one day when my husband packed me a regular burrito by mistake and instead of risking things, I just portioned out my snacks evenly throughout the day to get by before leaving. The pre-gluten free me would not believe this!

A final example — We were at a Halloween party tonight that a neighbor/collegue threw. There were so many delicious looking things there, and a delivery of hot pizzas that I got to serve to others. While it looked and smelled amazing, there was not even the slightest desire to take one bite of it there.

The benefits of this lifestyle change for me — more energy, more life in my thyroid…which equals so many wonderful things that those with good health take for granted, the loss of 10+ pounds in the last five months, and I am sure probably more money in my wallet due to not spending as much in our school cafeteria or tipping the Jimmy John’s driver.

As a P.S. — I’m thinking I need to get my thyroid medication adjusted still. My TSH was never normalized, and at my last check in August was .8 over the high range of 5.0. Now I am getting more tired in the evenings and am experiencing other symptoms like extremely dry skin, hair falling out more, less motivation (hence the lack of blog posts) and dizziness. I’m due for a free check through my work in early December, so I am hoping to make it there in order to avoid paying for the blood draw. Bonus — in 2015 all preventative checks will be 100% covered thanks to Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act!!! I’m so thankful for that!

Wishing everyone health and happiness!


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