My One Year Gluten Free Anniversary

When I started this whole gluten free eating thing, I only planned on testing it out for three months.  Maximum.  I am a baker. I love making cookies, cakes and breads.  Who was I kidding to think that I would give up gluten-laden flours for life?  After three months, and positive tests for Hasimotos antibodies AND just feeling better on the whole, I decided to keep the plan going indefinitely.  

After one year, I am down 20 lbs, just ten away from my personal goal.  The weight has slowly come off, which indicates I am doing something right for me.  Anytime I lose weight quickly, I know I will eventually gain it all back and then some, but this has been so slow that I never really noticed it until the seasons changed and I could wear old clothes that rarely saw the light of day since having kids.  And the super tight jeans I bought in the fall now fall of my rear end.  Beyond weight loss though, I just feel better.  

I have realized that I have way more will power than I ever gave myself credit for.  I can walk right past donuts and cookies without a second glance.  I also see just how supportive most people are.  My colleagues have often remembered me during office celebrations when they certainly didn’t have to.  Friends and family think to ask me about food prep when we get together for family meals.  

But I also learned that I cannot rely on others to accommodate or fully understand my special dietary restrictions.  I almost always pack something for myself to eat when getting together with others to be on the safe side.  Even if it is just a handful of nuts, it is better than starving or worse, eating something I am not sure of and throwing my body completely out of wack.  And, my ultimate realization is that I am okay if I sometimes offend someone by not eating a dish they have made or prepared, even if they think it may be gluten free.  If I can’t see the ingredients list, it doesn’t mean I don’t think the best intentions are there, but I just can’t totally 100% be sure that I can eat it.  I hope that those who are ever offended like this can forgive me.

My one year anniversary was on June 6th, and I hope to make it to next year with even better health and understanding under my belt.


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