Lemon-Lime Probiotic Vitamin C Gummies

homemade gummies

I try to give my kids vitamins, when I can remember, but it gets hard during the school year.  Now that I am home with them for the summer, I focus on reducing their processed food and sugar intake as much as possible.  So, when I reached for the canister of gummy vitamins at the store and checked the ingredients, I had to put it back.  There were way too many extra ingredients, high fructose corn syrup among others, that I didn’t want my kids to be eating and I figured there had to be a better alternative.

I took to the internet and some folks recommended different recipes for me to try along with wonderful product recommendations.  You could certainly make gummies with regular Knox gelatin from the store and it would work the same way, but I am trying Great Lakes grassfed beef collagen/gelatin.  It comes in a large container, so I knew I would be able to make lots of gummies (and can add it to some of my gluten free bread recipes).

This recipe is really simple, and you don’t need the cute little silicon molds I found online from freshware either.  You could just put these in a baking dish and cut into small squares if you wanted.  I thought the fun shapes would be more enticing for my kiddos, and I wasn’t wrong.  Two out of three loved this lemon-lime recipe (and my husband and I really did, too).  I also tried out the same recipe using pureed strawberries, and my 3rd one really liked this version due to the added natural sweetness.

Feel free to experiment, and when you find a combination you like, you can double or triple the recipe to have enough gummies to last a while.  I recommend about 3-4 small gummies a day for kids.  The gelatin is a boost of protein and is good for joints, skin, and hair and the added vitamin C from the fruits helps with immune systems while the probiotics can keep tummies in good shape.

Are these vitamin supplements?  No…but I know that I am feeding my children a variety of healthy food right now, so I am less concerned about that.  If this were an area of concern, I would work on finding a powdered vitamin supplement to add to the mix later.

What you need to make a batch of gummies (about 12-15):

1/3 cup total of lemon and lime juice

4tbs honey (use only 2 if you are using a naturally sweeter fruit base)

a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt

3tbs grass fed beef gelatin

4 tsps of probiotic powder (I use Garden of Life RAW probiotic powder)

How to make these:

Whisk juice, honey, salt and gelatin in a saucepan over low heat until the gelatin dissolves.  Remove from the heat and let cool so it is just warm to the touch (it thickens as it cools) and add your probiotic powder, whisking to incorporate.  Make sure your mixture isn’t hot, just warm.  You don’t want to kill your probiotics.  If you want to take the temperature, it should be below 110 degrees.  Pour into molds or pan and put in the freezer for 15 minutes.  Pop out of molds or cut into small squares and use a spatula to remove from pan and store in an airtight container in your fridge for up to one week.

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